Secrets, Fears, & Fetishes

by FYB

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This album is written to and for everyone who has helped aid me in my recovery from some emotional attacks I've suffered over time, including the man on the bus who told me to take care of myself that one time. Thank you all.

Things that can be said about this album:
"one take. maybe three. that's all."
"i guess they just accepted their place"
"at least its not nickelback!"
"well, i see what they were going for"
that last one is very important.


released December 10, 2014

lots and lots and lots of thanks to Nicholas Yarnall (There Will Be Fish) for drums and vocal and artistic directions and everything else he's ever fucking done for me. He did the drums on Four Recorded Oaks, College at Night, and Planet Flashers, which is the only explanation for why those songs sound good at all.

thank you to everyone who participated in making Well Polished Trash and the ending of Sea Stains:

Moka (MJ)
Nicholas Yarnall
Tim O'Leary
Aimee Knight
Chantal Higgs-Boson (thats not her real name)



all rights reserved


FYB Nevada

FYB is a project created by a queer opossum who can't figure out what the hell they're doing at any point in time.

i do this because 1) apparently i can and 2) i decided that to do so was fun

also, it doesn't stand for "for your benefit"

-My fiance sold the world once

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Track Name: Francais
This is my way of forgiving you
I hope you learned your lesson

Though I guess you could call her an artist too
My art is stiff and so is hers
And my arms are weak and my voice is meek and my existence is a joke

You would have let me drink to my death before you let me smoke

honey, baby, darling
I cannot comfort you anymore
Let's just be strangers like we were before
I said "describe me in three words"
He said, "Fuck, marry, kill."

[An aside, e pluribus unum]
Humans are magnificent, most of the time, at self defense. Defense FROM the self, not FOR the self. My friends are my caretakers, to you, but to me?
Well, I...
I guess you aren't wrong!

Honey, baby, darling
I feel a dead fragility
I screamed so hard my mouth began to bleed
Imagine diamond paper thin
That says "I. Am. The king."
Track Name: Planet Flashers
There was a song I wrote one time, but I forgot how it went, like this one.
Never would I try to change your life for good, but smoke this shit, it should
I'm a special boy but I needed new toys and then I saw my brother flash the planets
And if that wasn't my most brilliant idea to date, then I'm gonna panic

All the times I was in danger
My wisdom teeth were bleeding black
But in the reports they marked me off as 'healthy'
Because I can hold a job
And I don't have to fuck my professors!

Don't be alarmed, I am not armed, last time I checked I was barely bodied
Fulminating crowds of Christmas faggots break the gate and rush on in
And now the teens are getting sued for a hand shaped bruise, but we can talk about it later
if what the planets brought is true then every one we knew was an investigator

Keep your fucking eyes off of me
You know better, I ain't shit
And all the vicious spirits tell me
"We smell the trash in your mouth
we'll punch your rotting teeth out"

I'm not a man of many words so now I'm gonna have to flash the planets
I am neither harmed nor could I harm another creature if I tried
And maybe if we all fall down then the ground will shake and we'll all glow like the eyes of children
I took so many stars out of the sky to improve my life but there's still a billion
Track Name: How Beautiful It Is!
I'm a big fat faggot, I know you all agree
If you don't believe me, just ask Phil and Sophie
Age and wilderness are starting to take over my whole face
From the 2014 trash crowd chanting "We are all one race"

How beautiful it is to be anything at all
How beautiful it is to help in any way at all
How beautiful it is to make anything at all
How beautiful it is to give anything at all

Everything that brings me joy is a waste of time
It's not something I spend, it's something I kill inside my mind
Violently, mercilessly, like it does to me
Don't touch me, don't touch me, I don't care who YOU ARE DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME

How beautiful it is to be anything at all
How beautiful it is to care for anyone at all
How beautiful it is to make anything at all
How beautiful it is to let them know who you are
Track Name: Corduroy (I Guess I Owe You)
You were such a wondrous thing
Kissed me with scorpion stings
Crustacean genderfuck
That just. Won't. Quit

Would you like to make a secret with me?
Would you like to make a dream with me?
I tend to attract nightmares but maybe not this time

But when the monsters come, they deceive us both the same
I guess I better hide from them
I guess I better break their necks
I think you'd like to break my neck
And I guess I owe you

You are headed far
Much Farther than I
Appropriated illness
Please inhale between the lines

I guess I better hide from them
I guess I better break their necks
I better not hide from them
And I

And when the monsters come they deceive us both the same
But in the atmosphere I pencil push and I don't know how all of these crazy people are having sex in their cars.

I lost my mind and started writing music, basically

And I developed a crush on the person who called you a half breed.
Track Name: Brilliance Fades
Artists tend to
Name their songs
After lines they didn't
Know how to sing
But I figured that one out
I hope you're proud

I had to resort to
Petty threats
To get you evicted
Isn't that sad?
But such is everything that has
To do with you

Artists tend to
Be such fucks

Artists tend to
Need more care
Than normal people
It's not fair.

I am tiny
Prince of garbage
While it's true that brilliance fades
Mine never will.

While it's true that brilliance fades
Mine never will.

Brilliance fades
Brilliance fades
Track Name: Jambake
Smoke your mary jane
We don't judge, we don't complain at the J A M B A K E
Cause no pain if you got time for a J A M B A K E
Here we are
Being superstars
Causing smiles, being childs
At the fuckin', where we at? J A M B A K E

You can be anything you want to be
Everything (FUCK it)
Is it important to you really?
Ask yourself why, you'll probably find you have no time for causing shit and if you do, we got no fucking time for you
Track Name: Four Recorded Oaks Each With Their Own Char
All of my friends are hurting themselves
Some of them might be dying
Lately I haven't been feeling so well
At work I started crying

Just thought I was tired

Put your braid between my teeth
Let me pick it out for weeks
You stained my lips sea again
How fluid does the meaning change when all that we are

Just thought we were water

- - -

When can I see you again?
You know you're my favorite friend
I can't believe that he's dead
I can't believe I'm alive

When can I see you again?

I don't belong anywhere
I don't fit in anywhere
But I guess I don't care
Track Name: Sea Stains
Are you home yet?
My soul is sour
I will be forgotten, I will be forgotten
I will be forgotten, am forgotten, gone
I'm graduating
In the fall
I haven't learned a thing at all but
To avoid a cliche

We'll say I learned about the sea stains
We'll say I learned how to get sea stained
I can't believe I got my sea stains

When will I get my shit together
No time soon I don't think I'm gonna wanna
No time soon I don't think I'm gonna wanna
I forgot who I am
I can't keep up
Everybody's hugging their friends

I am clinging onto my mother
And letting her give me my sea stains
I want, I wanted my skin sea stained

(We have spent our lives, are spending our lives, doing absolutely fucking nothing)