Steve Jobs

by FYB

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This song is about the struggles of every day life in corporate america. Its trying to bring light to the constant struggle of second class citizens that are constantly subjected to prejudice from the twelve percent, and how their cries for acceptance for sexually identifying as a flamboyant gay Steve Jobs are constantly down trotted by the oppressive establishment that are Donald J Trump, and our overlord Feshittpo the fourth. Never give up. Consider the fact that you look like a stump, and your brain, is the apple. Thank you all.


when i PISS
worms come out

and when i SHIT
BUGS come out

when i BARF
dogs come out

and when i FART
asbestos comes out

and when i CRY

when i LAUGH
SHIT comes out

and when i JIZZ
SALTY SOAP comes out

and when i SNEEZE
michael jackson comes out

when i BURP
FARTS come out

and when i COUGH
kendrick lamar COMES out

then when i SWEAT
BLOOD comes out

and when i BLEED
steve JOBS comes out

and when i SPIT
cat LITTER comes out

when i SLEEP
DONGS come out

when i BLINK
TWINKS come out

and when i YAWN
dead GAY BABIES come out

and when i SMOKE
koJIMA comes out

when i EAT
SMEG comes out

and when I DRINK
BLEACH comes out

then when i BREATHE
FUCKS come out

when I FALL
YOUR MOM comes out

and when i FUCK
RACISTS come out

when i GET fucked
the black PANTHERS come out

when i JUMP
TARDS come out

when i FIGHT
OprAH comes out

when i DANCE

when i SCREAM
SPAGHETTI comes out

when i CLAP
steve jobs admits he's gay!!!!


released July 19, 2017
-Reggie Juice

-The poor fucker I used for the album cover



all rights reserved


FYB Nevada

FYB is a project created by a queer opossum who can't figure out what the hell they're doing at any point in time.

i do this because 1) apparently i can and 2) i decided that to do so was fun

also, it doesn't stand for "for your benefit"

-My fiance sold the world once

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